EEC Charter


Emirates Engineers Club, also referred to as the EEC, full membership is open to all Emirates Airlines Licensed Aircraft Engineers – Grades TE1, TE2, TE3, E1, E2, E3 and above, all applicants must be involved within Emirates Engineering on a daily basis. the applicant is required to provide evidence when eligibility is in doubt . An applicant officially becomes a member after the EEC Committee has received and reviewed a correctly completed application form with two passport photographs of each applicant (i.e.: Employee & Spouse) and the EEC Card(s) is/are subsequently issued. Incorrect information or incomplete application forms will not be processed. Children’s Photographs are not required because cards will not be issued for children under 17 years of age. Employees (UAE Resident) Children, 17 years of age and older, may apply for a Single Membership and pay the appropriate monthly Fee through (Employee) payroll deduction. (No additional Initiation Fee will be levied from the Employee for this additional Single Membership).

Please beware that if you submit your application BEFORE the 10th of any month you will have a Payroll deduction on the 26th of the same Month & your card(s) will be issued on the 1st of the following month… so that you can start taking advantage of your Membership! If you delay until AFTER the 10th of the month, then we will NOT be able to process you application, under any circumstances, until the following month. This will result in a delay of up to 8 weeks – so apply early!!

An eligible applicant may choose between Family Membership and Single Membership. In the Associate categories, Associate Single Membership & Associate Family Membership, are both open to those who meet certain criteria which is agreed to by the EEC Committee. Further, these applicants must be directly involved in a Professional capacity with the Engineering Department of Emirates Airlines.
EEC Membership is for personal use ONLY and is not transferable.

Members must produce their EEC Membership Cards upon request by any authorized person acting on behalf of a Beach and/or Fitness Club, Restaurant, Organization or other Venue which allows an EEC Member entry to / or provides a discount on food, drink or other services.

Misuse of the EEC Membership and the privileges that it allows or the misuse of any facilities or equipment will result in immediate cancellation of the membership.

Lost or damaged Membership cards should be reported immediately to the Membership Coordinator either by email or telephone. Replacement of a lost card is at a charge of AED 200 and will be deducted via the Payroll. Damaged cards should be reported the same as a lost card and returned to the Membership Coordinator, a replacement fee of AED 50 will be deducted via the payroll. If an EEC Card is lost twice, a third card will not be issued and termination of Membership will occur.

EEC membership cards remain the property of the EEC and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

EEC Memberships will be issued for a minimum period of three months and all associated charges, i.e. Initiation Fee & Three months Member Fees (Single / Family) will be deducted, as per normal payroll deduction procedures, unless there is a failure to comply with any other part(s) of the Club Charter. In such a case, where it is subsequently necessary to immediately withdraw a Membership this practice will not be followed, however, the EEC card should be immediately surrendered as per item 6. This item will not apply to Emirates Engineering Outstation Staff specifically as far as the fees are concerned due to the normally intended short term (ADHOC) nature of EEC Card use.

Upon receiving Membership, all EEC Members are requested, at all times to behave in such a manner that will not cause embarrassment or reflect badly upon Emirates Airlines, the EEC or other members of the EEC.

Upon resignation from the Company, ALL EEC Membership Cards must be surrendered back to the EEC Membership Coordinator.

Membership Fees

Effective: 1 November 2004, due to recent changes in the UAE Banking Laws & rules relating to Customer Liability (for both the receiver and issuer of cheques) regrettably henceforth The EEC Club will only accept AED CASH and will no longer accept cheques as payment for any chargeable fees.

The Initiation and Monthly Membership Fees for Associate & UAE National Memberships will be based on the existing rates for the Standard

Full Family/Full Single Memberships.

The following charges will apply, however, are subject to change within 30 days advanced notification to the Membership (as far as possible) and following unanimous agreement by The Executive Committee and no less than 50% of the EEC Club Members:


  • Single: AED 100
  • Family: AED 150

Monthly Fee::

  • Single: AED 75
  • Family: AED 150

Note: When members decide to change from one type of membership to another, (i.e.: Single to Family type) the difference in joining fee at the time of joining must be paid as well.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the EEC shall consist of the following Committee Members:

  • Chairperson – Jannie Ebersohn
  • Vice-Chairperson & Treasurer – TBA
  • Membership Coordinator – Ahmed Abdul Raheem
  • I.T. and Web Master – Tim Collins

The Committee members and their responsibilities shall comprise, but are not limited to the following:

Assumes the overall responsibility for the smooth running of the EEC. Represents the club in dealing with outside organizations and the Engineering Management of Emirates Airlines. Ensures that the Engineering Management is fully informed of the clubs activities.

Shares the duties of the Chairperson stipulated by the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson will chair meetings at the committee in the absence of the Chairperson. Co-ordinates all matters related to the recruitment of new Members. Provides support to the members of the EEC in any matter relating to EEC Membership, distributes all material related to members on all matters, is responsible for the production and distribution of membership cards and with on going Membership issues.

Records all financial transactions of the club. Ensures prompt payment and collection of accounts and liaises with committee members on all financial matters relating to the club. The responsibility of holding any financial records, statements, cheques books etc. shall also be that of the Treasurer along with signing cheques on the behalf of the EEC.

Is responsible for the EEC website at This will include but is not limited to: Website Amendments, Maintenance & Upkeep, to ensure continuous ownership of the Domain name, to ensure that the EEC Website Server continues to provide reliable service to the Membership.

Membership Coordinator
The Primary Focus of the Membership Coordinator will be to deal with and clarify new Membership Applications. Further, assistance is to be provided to the Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson, as needed, with on going Membership issues, provides support to the members of the EEC in any matter relating to EEC Membership, distributes all material related to members on all matters and is responsible for assistance with the production and distribution of membership cards.


Where any Committee member on behalf of the EEC has incurred expenses and receipts have been produced, then that amount which shall be reimbursed and limited to AED 100/- per item (or otherwise approved by the treasurer). The committee shall reserve the right to approve or disallow any such requests. It is anticipated that for any function, those concerned will submit a budget and that all expenses will be anticipated in this amount.

Financial Matters

The funds of the EEC shall be applied solely to its stated objectives; no member shall receive payment, either direct or indirect, for anything except legitimate expenses incurred in its work. In the event of dissolution, any remaining funds shall be devoted to objectives similar to those of the EEC, or to other purposes approved by the Engineering Management of Emirates Airline.

Date of the Taking Effect of the Rules and Regulations

The organization of the EEC as defined above shall take place with immediate effect. All previous Rules and all amendments thereto are hereby cancelled.

Alterations to the Rules and Regulations

The foregoing Rules and Regulations may be revised from time to time following a meeting of the EEC Committee specially convened for the purpose. The terms of the proposed alterations or additions will be made available to All EEC Members via the EEC website at A vote on the motion may be taken, if deemed necessary by the committee and by a simple majority the change will be carried.