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The Emirates Engineering Club (EEC) is open to all Emirates Airlines Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Grade 9 and above.

The costs are as follows:

  • Initiation Fee for Family Membership: AED 150/-
  • Monthly Fee for Family Membership: AED 140/-
  • Initiation Fee for Single Membership: AED 100/-
  • Monthly Fee for Single Membership: AED 70/-

This entitles each card-holder to discounts at various beach and health clubs, restaurants and other establishments.

To Join

Please ensure that you are first entitled to join the EEC by reviewing the club charter. If you meet the requirements and are able to join, your next step is to download the form highlighted in the link below, read the instructions and fill it in!

To apply, please download and fill in the following form:

Once the form is filled, please then forward to:

Paul Barry Nightingale (Emirates Engineering Training), or Ahmed A.R.M.Abdul Raheem (Emirates Engineering NDT Dept).

(Note: Full addresses are in the global address book in Outlook)

Other notes

Please beware that if you submit your application BEFORE the 10th of any month you will have a Payroll deduction on the 26th of the same Month & your card(s) will be issued on the 1st of the following month… so that you can start taking advantage of your Membership!

If you delay until AFTER the 10th of the month, then we will NOT be able to process you application, under any circumstances, until the following month. This will result in a delay of up to 8 weeks – so apply early!!