Club Discounts

Being a member of the Emirates Engineering Club not only entitles you to entry to various beach and health clubs but also to discounts in shops, restaurants and other establishments. A full list of the discounts are shown below.

Beach and Health Clubs

Memberships have been purchased at several clubs, which are highlighted below. Please note, that in all cases we have purchased a limited amount of memberships so there are restrictions on how many members can enter at any one time. Therefore, to avoid disappointment please ensure you phone the club prior to travelling. For contact details and information on what each club has to offer, please click the links below:

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Other

EEC Members get a variety of discounts in Dubai for food and beverage – please click on the link for the updated list.

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  1. saw

    Coffee Bean have shutdown most of the branch, if not all.. Are we negotiating with another coffee shop? maybe tim horton..

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