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Fitness 360 Contract Not Renewed

Dear All,
After much consideration the EEC Committee has decided not to renew the annual contract at Fitness 360 Arabian Centre. This is due to a downturn in the EEC Membership numbers which impacts our annual budget and thus the the Club cannot afford to renew this contract.
All other memberships contracts will be renewed as and when their contracts expire.

Jannie Ebersohn.
EEC Chairman.

EEC Update Concerning VAT

Dear EEC Members,

As you are all aware, the UAE government has introduced VAT in the UAE from 1st January 2018, and after a number of meetings with the Emirates VAT & Taxation Legal team they have stated that Emirates Engineers Club (EEC) will be affected and are required to register the EEC Club for a VAT number.

With this in mind, the EEC Club are required to pay VAT on our monthly contributions received from its members.

Unfortunately, this cost cannot be absorbed by the EEC Club and the monthly membership fee will need to be increased to the following with effect from April 2018;

Family Membership – from 140dhs to 150dhs/month (7%)
Single Membership – from 70dhs to 75dhs/month (7%)

We appreciate that the increase is slightly more than 5% but there has not been an increase in the monthly fee for approximately 5 years.

If the EEC Club is to maintain the facilities we currently have membership at, this increase is definitely required. Your continued support of the EEC Club is fully appreciated

The EEC Committee will shortly be sending out an online survey to get your feedback as well as asking questions on what you would like to see from the EEC Club.

For your feedback and comments, please send your emails to

Best Regards
EEC Committee.

EEC Ball: 18th April

Dear All EEC Members,

The EEC Committee has great pleasure in announcing that we have confirmed a date for the next EEC Ball.

The Ball will be held at:

The Le Meridien Airport Hotel in the Great Ballroom on Thursday 18th April.

If you and your partner would like to attend this function please can you register through the EEC website (Leave a Reply) stating your EEC membership number and number of guests, (we are limited to 250 people) Unfortunately, the Committee did state there would be a charge to attend and the cost agreed will be AED125/person for EEC members and AED250/person for Non EEC members. You can pay on the evening or have the money deducted from your salary similar to your EEC monthly contributions.

If you would like to pre-book a table of 10 for you and your guests please let us know when registering.

Please note; if you register and do not attend on the evening, you will be charged.

This is a great social evening and the EEC Committee look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards
EEC Committee.

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